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Below is some free consulting knowledge on common security misunderstandings that would otherwise cost you.

1) Most Vendors give "Free" quotes:
- OK, I think you're old enough to know that Nothing is Free.  You've likely also realized by now that "LOW" or "FREE" initial cost solutions end up costing you way more over time.
- Because they don't get paid to engineer a solution, the vendors who give free quotes don't.  They simply quote a canned solution "off the shelf" at you with the least possible time invested.
- That's because they know most of their bids aren't accepted. They must also charge those they do business with for the costs of the high percentage of all bids they lose.
- Because the projects they do win are bid with the simplest & cheapest solutions, they rarely can afford to do the last 10% of the project to configure even their basic products so that they can be more effective for your needs.

* You get what you pay for-  If you want an effective solution engineered for you, please Call / Email us.

*  It may cost a bit more initially, but it will save Many costs over the lifecycle and end up costing less!

2) Burglar Alarms are an effective crime deterrent:
- In today's world, the perps know that police rarely respond in a timely fashion.

- However, the signs do help perps identify those with the most to steal!
- Almost all alarms only detect a criminal AFTER they have broken into your building. 

--- This is far too late; the perp is already committed at that point and has little fear of the cops arriving before they leave.
--- At best, it only tells you when your stuff was stolen.
--- If someone happens to be there, the simple burglary turns into an armed robbery / home invasion.
--- At worst, seasoned criminals know they can't leave any witnesses alive, which results in rapes & murders.
* In order to deter or catch perps, you need to detect them BEFORE they break into your building! 

3) Gate and Door Access Controls will protect your premises, assets and people:
- In real life, most systems are easily bypassed even by novices.

- However, the presence of access controls can signify that you have something worth stealing!
- Anyone who wants to get in can easily tailgate a car through a gate or follow a person through a door
- If there are no easy ways to bypass an access point, there is always a "next-weakest link" like a low fence or window. 

- Vendors want you to play the expensive "cat and mouse" game of forever paying them to fix the next weakest link.
- If criminals know what they're doing, they can do one of 3 things, which will almost always open all your doors & gates!
* An effective solution should exploit the weaknesses of current systems that the perps are expecting to exploit!

4) Camera Security will deter criminals and help security to cover more ground to stop crime:
- Actually, most systems are only an after-the-fact forensic analysis tool that few users have the experience or time to use!
- They are not engineered to provide high-quality images, which often becomes evident only after a crime.
- Even if you have great images, if you do not already know the perp, police will rarely ever catch them.
- If you do know the perp, they also likely already know where your cameras are, have a hoodie or ballcap on, and do not look at the cameras, so you still have ... Nothing!

- The mere presence of cams indicates to perps that there are things of high value to steal.
* Other detection systems & techniques must be integrated to make camera systems a valuable part of a solution.

5) Remote Monitoring allows cameras to be watched at a much lower cost than onsite guards: 
- In reality, humans simply weren't created with the ability to watch a screen that's the same 90% of the time and pick out the 1% of the time when something is wrong.
- A Security Solutions Magazine study found that “After 12 minutes of video monitoring, a guard will often miss up to 45% of screen activity.  After 22 minutes of video, up to 95% is overlooked.”
* The correct type of remote monitoring setup CAN be a key part of an effective real-time solution.

6) Onsite Guards will provide the effective deterrent of a physical presence:  
- Guards have the same attention span, but also fall asleep, take bathroom breaks, make calls, surf the Internet, read, etc.
- Onsite security guards can also be scared off, bribed, or just simply worn down over time, as is almost always the case.
- Even worse, they can only be at one place at a time and your entire property likely cannot be seen from one location, so this results in the “cat & mouse” game often recorded where the perps hit where the guard just left.
* Onsite guards and police integration only offer real -world value when integrated as part of an effective solution.

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