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HOW Can ESS Help You?
- Do you have a serious need for security?
- Do you simply want an effective security solution?
- Are you unhappy with your current security solution?
- Do crimes still occur and/or do you still have exposure risks?
- Are you tired of playing with canned "Off the shelf" toys that don't work well?
- Have you had enough of buying the "cheap" solutions that don't accomplish much of anything?
- Do you keep spending money on systems and services, but not really stopping much/any crime?
- Do you have multiple proposals and want to know which is the most effective and cost efficient?
>> If So, Then Call / Email for an Engineered Security Solution!

Does Your Security Solution Truly Accomplish What You Need?
- Detecting a criminal BEFORE they have entered your building?
- Thwarting common attempts to defeat detection & response?
- Reacting in real-time to potential threats with a credible deterrent?
- Escalating in real-time based upon response to counter-measures?
- Coordinating Law Enforcement personnel to intervene physically?
- Continuously proving that it is still working for you?
- Cutting costs, Increasing efficiency/productivity/revenue/profits, Protecting your business?
>> If NOT, Then Call / Email for an Engineered Security Solution!

 Let ESS Help You:
- SAVE TIME & MONEY:  Our experience will help us get you a better solution, faster and at lower cost 
- SOLVE & PREVENT CRIME PROBLEMS:  We target your problems (& opportunities), so we're not done until they are
- INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY & REVENUE:  You would be surprised at the productivity, efficiency and sales increases we can enable
- PROTECT PEOPLE, ASSETS & INCOME:  You invested a lot of time and money and have a great deal to lose or you wouldn't be here

Don't waste more time and money on traditional security solutions!
Let ESS help you get more return on your investment.
You will get a far more effective security solution for lower lifecycle costs!

You may have already invested time and money on canned solutions that don't work. 

We can likely leverage current investments in systems & services, helping you get more even from current vendor's solutions.

You pay for expert help all the time from your: CPA, Doctor, Lawyer, CPA, Business Consultant, Sales Consultant, etc.
Why would you assess your security options by yourself with little experience to aid you?

Let ESS leverage our expertise, experience, and contacts to help you get the most for your time and money.

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