Engineered Systems Services

Market Overview:

Based in North-Atlanta, ESS can tele-consult or travel virtually anywhere in the world.

Screen sharing, Teleconference, and Remote Presence technologies cave come a long way. 

Let us show you how to leverage them to work more efficiently with us and others. 

In case you prefer face to face, we also happen to live near the largest airport in the world.

We Serve Vertical Markets From Small to Large:

- Home / Mansion / Estate
- Apartment Complex
- Condominium Complex
- Townhome Complex
- Subdivision

- Construction Site
- Business Complex
- Corporate Facility
- Retail Facility
- Marina / Marine Facility
- Airport:  Commercial or General Aviation
- Hospital, Medical Center, Healthcare Facility
- Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Facility, DEA Monitored Facility
- Law Office, Legal / Financial Institution, Bank
- College, University, Higher Education
- Museum, Historic Site, Park, Trail

- Manufacturing Facility
- Industrial Complex
- Remote Process Management

- Town/City Surveillance
- Law Enforcement
- Municipal Property
- School
- DHS DOJ, HUD, DOE, DEA Projects
- Military

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