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RPM  Overview:
Manufacturers often have difficulty obtaining the cash to buy new machines and expand their operations.  Profits take long to build and banks want stronger financial statements.  RPM dramatically increases production & profits, while cutting risks.  It also cuts the costs & needs for an unskilled labor workforce that is hard to find, train, manage & retain.  RPM better leverages the higher-skilled, next-gen workforce & enables remote experts when local resources are unavailable or too costly.

Current Manned Machine Operation:

Productivity is often only 6-7 hours/day due to risks of running machines unattended –OR– costs and burdens of adding shifts.  Manned Machines can’t work all night and all weekend without machinists.  They also often take holidays, vacations and sick days with their operator!

Continuing with low production rates of Manned Machines in our competitive economy is a self-fulfilling prophecy, because higher production lowers costs & can win customers for you (or from you)!

RPM  Virtually-Manned Machine Operation:

By removing risks of running machines unattended, RPM dramatically increases production while eliminating the costs, burdens and risks of adding shifts.  Machines on RPM can work all night & all weekend (with few holidays, vacations or sick days!)

RPM Can Increase: Machine Production by up to 5X,  Company Revenue by 200%, Company Gross Profit by 600%

RPM  Benefits:
Increased:  Productivity, Profitability, Flexibility, Revenue, Growth, Speed

Decreased:  Costs, Risks, Time

What is RPM?

  • Cameras that can actually see your machining processes (instead of a milky window pane)
  • Sensors & systems that detect problems & alert local/remote personnel to act quickly (instead of after the crash)
  • Recorders that allow you to go back and find out exactly what happened (& why) to prevent recurring problems
  • Networks that connect your cameras, sensors, servers, PCs, tablets & smartphones
  • Engineering, implementation,  testing, refining & support Services that maximize the benefit to you, your company, employees & clients

Why RPM?

  • Productivity Increases of 2-5X!  (-vs- Manned Machines)
  • Reduced Tool Breakage Costs (in dollars –AND– downtime)
  • Machinist Viewing Safety  (& OSHA Compliance)
  • Machine & Facility Safety  (from fire & other damages)

Put ESS Experience To Work For You To:
- Cut Time, Costs & Risks
- Refine Business Processes
- Increase Productivity and Profits
- Protect People, Assets & Income

* The bottom line is a solution that works for you!

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